Sadly I did not pass the analysis qualifying exam in June. As such I have been studying all summer, despite the fact that this blog does not reflect that studying…yet. I have been very busy, traveling to Costa Rica for 5 weeks and now I am on a road trip to Chicago where I will be until the end of August. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have jury duty September 6th. But through all this I have been studying, starting from the beginning and working through several texts. These days I am studying analysis as well as algebra. I need to pass at least one exam this September, preferably both but if I pass only one I need it to be analysis.

So, with that said, this blog will be changing slightly. I will no longer be posting  just qualifying exam questions, I will be posting problems that I found particularly interesting during my studying, or problems that I feel would be helpful to know the proof of, or just theorems I need to know but can never seem to remember. While in Chicago I plan to be studying for long periods of time every day and so qual problems will probably start to show up on this blog then. Either way, if you ever have any comments about the proofs presented here, please please please post a comment!! Your comments are really helpful and usually thought provoking. And if you just want to say “great job!” that’s fine too 🙂


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